Pre-assembled, mobile column stand for wall dispensers

This disinfection column is ideal for entrance areas or other places where wall mounting of dispensers is not desirable. DESIPOINT PRO ensures easy access to the hand disinfectant and is particularly user-friendly. The Dr. Schumacher logo is milled into the column. DESIPOINT PRO is a hygienic stainless steel constructions for quick and easy mounting, which can be combined with standard dispensers (dispenser not included). DESIPOINT PRO is the practice-oriented solution for a variable placement of dispensers. Thanks to its castors, this column can be easily transported to any desired location. Via an integrated information display and loudspeakers, users can be guided audiovisually to disinfect their hands, for example. DESIPOINT PRO has an integrated TFT monitor, loudspeaker and mains cable for power connection (230 V).


 Container size DU  REF
DESIPOINT PRO 160 cm 1 00-902-DSD