Skin cleansing wipes
  • Practical and quick use by highest quality nonwoven, no rinsing nessecary, microwaveable
  • Patient washing without water
  • Dermatologically tested

DESOBATH WIPES are ready-to-use wipes for cleaning the skin. DESOBATH WIPES enable quick and thorough cleaning, particularly of immobile patients, with no need for subsequent rinsing with water. The wipes are used as part of whole-body washing. The use of a very mild plant-based cleaning surfactant and nourishing active ingredients such as allantoin and panthenol mean that DESOBATH WIPES has very gentle cleansing and moisturising properties along with a pleasant fragrance. The large washing wipes are made of a robust, skin-friendly non-woven fabric and can be pre-warmed if needed.


 Container size DU  REF
flowpack 10 wipes (22 x 33 cm) 16 00-604DW1-T010