Skin care lotion for hands and skin
  • Contains lipid replenishing ingredients and allantoin
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy film
  • pH-skin neutral

BIALIND is a pH skin-neutral and rich oil-in-water emulsion for the care of the hands after skin irritating activities such as wearing gloves for prolonged intervals, hand washing and wet work. As an oil-in-water emulsion, BIALIND absorbs very quickly without leaving greasy residues, which makes it ideal for medical staff: Despite frequent use, the work process is not disturbed and the hands remain noticeably well-groomed. The light and nourishing formula with lipid replenishing and moisturizing ingredients and allantoin provide a smooth and supple skin feeling. The easily spreadable and quickly absorbed skin care lotion is also suitable for body care and leaves an additionally pleasantly neat feeling due to its fragrance.


 Container size DU  REF
100 ml tube 12 00-602-001
500 ml bottle 20 00-602-005