Perfume-free water-in-oil skin care & barrier cream
  • Confirmed barrier effect according to modern test methods
  • Protection against water soluble substances
  • Skin caring with vitamin E, glycerine and beeswax

DESOLIND PROTECT was specially developed to protect staff’s hands during day-to day work. As a water-in-oil emulsion, DESOLIND PROTECTcan be spread easily and absorbs quickly, leaving behind a smooth, not greasy protective film. DESOLIND PROTECT is suitable for daily use before tasks that stress the skin such as when working in wet conditions and wearing gloves. In addition to the protective function, DESOLIND PROTECT cares for the skin with lipid-replenishing and moisturising ingredients such as vitamin E. With the pleasant scent of beeswax and a lipid content of 15%.


Container size DU REF
100 ml tube 12 DT-622OP-001