Hypoallergenic care cream for sensitive and very dry hands
  • With avocado oil, panthenol, allantoin and vitamin E
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Supports the regeneration of stressed skin

PROLIND INTENSIV-PFLEGECREME sensitive is a water-in-oil emulsion for intensive and sustainable care of strained hands. Due to the high-quality and rich ingredients, the regeneration of the skin and its barrier function is supported. For this purpose, PROLIND INTENSIV-PFLEGECREME sensitive contains not only avocado oil, panthenol, allantoin and vitamin E but also moisturizing glycerin. Despite the rich formulation PROLIND INTENSIV-PFLEGECREME sensitive absorbs quickly into skin. PROLIND INTENSIV-PFLEGECREME sensitive is particularly suitable for use by people suffering from atopy and allergy.


 Container size DU  REF
100 ml tube 12 00-620WO-001