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Perfume-free oil-in-water skin care & barrier lotion

The product PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitive was specifically developed to protect sensitive hands in everyday working life. The oil-in-water skin barrier cream spreads perfectly and absorbs quickly into the skin while leaving a smooth and well-groomed feeling. It is also suitable for use in dispensers. PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitive is suitable for daily use before skin-damaging activities to protect the skin of hands during wet work. Due to a natural deodorizing complex with witch hazel and without aluminum salts, PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitive is particularly recommended for protecting hands during extended glove wearing times. The protective effect of PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitiveagainst water-soluble substances (detergents and alkaline solutions) was demonstrated on test persons using the latest test methods. By also omitting fragrances from PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitive, the lotion meets the requirements of the German Social Accident Insurance Institution, the German Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances concerning Risks resulting from skin contact - identification, assessment, measures (TRGS 401) and the hand hygiene guideline of the German Association of Scientific Medical Societies. For hygienic and safe use of the product in dispensers, PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitive contains a small quantity of a well-tolerated preservative. In addition to its protective effect PROLIND HAUTSCHUTZ- & PFLEGECREME sensitive also has skin careing properties and contains lipid replenishing agents as well as glycerine for this purpose.


 Container size DU  REF
100 ml tube 12 00-623-001
500 ml bottle 20 00-623-005