Terumo Blood Bags 

Terumo blood bags are high-quality, high-value blood bags designed for the collection, processing and storage of whole blood and blood components.

Made without in-line filters, these blood bags are an economical choice for
blood centers looking for the flexibility sterile docking provides. In addition
to providing flexibility for blood centers, Terumo blood bags may help reduce
the complexities associated with stocking multiple types of blood bags in multiple configurations.

Terumo blood bags are available with various combinations of safety features, including needle injury protectors, pre-donation sampling bags and multi-sample luer adapter holders. 

Traditionally styled bags are available in one solution (CPDA) or two solutions (CPD and SAG-M) options. Top-and-bottom process bags are available with two solutions, CPD and SAG-M.

The blood bags are single packed in a polypropylene bag and sterilized in the packaging, which helps ensure sterility prior to use. The polypropylene bags are then packed in a secondary overwrap package of aluminum foil. The amount of polypropylene packages per aluminum foil depends on the configuration of the blood bag system. Some bag configurations are also available individually packed in an aluminum pouch, enabling 36 months preservation of each individual blood bag.

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