Product Type Hematology
Catalogue Number VF-052STK
Nominal Volume ml 5
Draw Volume ml 2
Additive mg 4.2 mg EDTA-K3
Concentration of Additive mg/ml 2.1
Dimensions - Length mm 75
Dimensions - Diameter mm 13
Stopper Colour  Lavender
Cap Colour  Transparent lavender
Shelf Life month 18
Centrifugation Rate G/min
Unit Box pcs 100
Shipping Carton pcs 12x100
Measures Unit Box LxWxH 284x85x69

Instructions for Use:

  • After sampling, the VF-052STK needs to be mixed carefully and gently by inversion 5 times.
  • EDTA blood can be stored up to 6 hours by preference at 4°C for evaluation of RBC and WBC.
    Prolonged storage (24 hours) cannot be recommended.
    Flagging of differential count results will happen 6-10 hours after sampling.