Product Type Plasma
Catalogue Number VF-054SHL
Nominal Volume ml 5
Draw Volume ml 4
Additive 60 USP. U. Lithium Heparin
Concentration of Additive USP. U./ml 15
Dimensions - Length mm 75
Dimensions - Diameter mm 13
Stopper Colour  Dark green
Cap Colour  Dark green
Shelf Life month 18
Centrifugation Rate G/min 1500/10
Unit Box pcs 100
Shipping Carton pcs 12x100
Measures Unit Box LxWxH 284x85x69

Instructions for Use:

  • Immediately after sampling, the VF-054SHL tube needs to be mixed gently and carefully (inversion 5 times)
  • Plasma winning is done by centrifugation. Centrifugation can be carried out immediately after sampling.
    Normally used centrifugation speed ranges from 1000 till 1500 G.
    Venosafe® tubes withstand centrifugation speed up to 4000 G with stopper and above 13 000 G without stopper.