Venosafe® Plastic Tubes: Serum Gel - VF-054SAS

Product Type Serum Gel
Catalogue Number VF-054SAS
Nominal Volume ml 5
Draw Volume ml 3.5
Additive Gel + Clot activator
Concentration of Additive mg/ml
Dimensions - Length mm 75
Dimensions - Diameter mm 13
Stopper Colour  Cherry red
Cap Colour  Cherry red
Shelf Life month 24
Centrifugation Rate G/min 1200/10 (± 100)
Unit Box pcs 100
Shipping Carton pcs 12x100
Measures Unit Box LxWxH 284x85x69

Instructions for Use:

  • After blood collection, gently invert the tube several times to maximise the contact between blood and silica.
  • Allow the blood to coagulate during 30 min.
  • In emergency, one can reduce the clotting time, but there can be no guarantee for complete clotting.
    In case of uncompleted coagulation and due to the mechanical stimulation of the blood coagulation, fibrin formation may occur during centrifugation. This will be observed as a gelatinous mass in the serum.
  • Centrifuge the tube at room temperature, during at least 10 min. with a relative centrifugal force of 1200 G (± 100 G).
    For optimal barrier formation a swing-out rotor is recommended.
    Although the tubes withstand 4000 G (with stopper) the use of higher centrifugation force is not recommended.
    Higher centrifugation force might reduce the centrifugation time but will increase the amount of cells on top of the gel.
    Lower centrifugation force might result in an incomplete gel barrier.
  • After complete separation with the gel barrier in place storage requirements depend on the stability of the analytes and are equivalent to storage requirements for decanted serum samples.